100% natural and organic treatment for skin condition. Recommended by doctors
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Pros: Softens and moisturises skin and hands. 100 % Natural & Organic. Recommended by Doctors, Nurses and Practitioners.
Cons: Expensive price and produced only in small batches.

Suitable for what condition
– For babies, children and adults and is known to soothe, repair & moisturise. Also known to be effective for burns, scalds, scars, cradle cap and dry scalp conditions its healing, moisturising and calming properties.

Unsuitable if
– Not Known

BriaSoothing Balm for Eczema Prone & Dry Skin 60ml
Price 12.95
Pack size (ml) 60ml
Price per 100ml Not known
Fragrance free? Yes
Main ingredients 100 % Natural & Organic