So you have determined you have eczema, but you know there’s more to it than just an umbrella term. You have a unique condition and want answers as to what exactly is going on with your body.

There are many types of eczema, finding out what type you have will change what parts of your body are affected as well as what triggers and treatments apply to you. While it may not be instantly clear to you what type you have, here are the eight types that are most easily distinguished. A single person can have multiple types on different areas of their body or a mixture that doesn’t seem to fit one of these categories as neatly. However, many people can quickly point to one subcategory of eczema and identify with the triggers and areas affected.

While each of the types of eczema are unique, tips for management for eczema as a whole remain effective. Moisturizing, avoiding severe temperature shifts and fragrance-free, oil based lotions can lessen the effects of all types of eczema. Knowing your specific type can definitely help a doctor or dermatologist prescribe a medication that is right for you and direct you into reading about the right types of at-home/environmental treatments. When you read patient stories online it is important to note what type of eczema they have as something that didn’t work for them may still work for you if your subcategories are different.

In next post we will discuss eight type of Eczema.